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Professional Interpreting Services UK

If you are looking for an interpreting service in the UK, this is the right place. WOW Language Services supply on-site and remote interpreting for clients based in the UK as well as in the European Union; upon request our interpreters can also travel overseas.

Whether you are looking for interpreting support at a conference, business meeting, healthcare appointment or any legal proceedings, please get in touch and we will present our detailed offer.

At WOW Language Services you can quickly book an interpreter for any language, e.g. Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and many more.

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How does interpreting work?

For any interpreting service request, we will ask about the purpose and circumstances of the event during which language support is needed, and will advise which approach is best in the given situation.

Face-to-face interpreting modes:

Consecutive – the interpreter listens to the message in the source language and waits for a pause to translate it to the target language. Consecutive interpretation is often used for bilingual meetings, medical appointments, witness statements, job interviews, training sessions and press conferences.

Simultaneous – the interpreter translates as the speaker talks, usually from an interpreter booth during live meetings. This mode is more appropriate for larger audiences, such as international conferences, and requires special equipment (microphones, audio systems).

Whispered – the interpreter whispers the translation into the participant’s ear while the speaker talks. The interpreter aims to remain inconspicuous and interprets simultaneously.

Remote interpreting services – video & telephone

The interpreter is available at the other end of the phone or video link, and you can be connected instantly to the interpretation line. This is a cost effective, immediate solution, ideal for situations when the need for interpreting arises with little notice, and can be accessed any time of day, from anywhere, using any device.

Efficient Interpretation Support

Professional language interpreting support helps build communication networks within the enterprise and beyond. Our linguists will enable smooth interaction with your overseas business branches or with external parties abroad. Numerous professional sectors, such as legal or healthcare, often deal with non-English speaking customers. The successful dialogue is empowered by our native-language interpreters whose specialist knowledge allows information to be exchanged accurately and appropriately.

Interpreting services in the UK and the EU is one of our support lines. At WOW Language Services we also offer bespoke professional translation and fast-track document translation services for clients from various business sectors.

Remote Interpreting Service in the UK and Beyond

The use of a virtual environment when it comes to interpreting has proven indispensable in the most recent past. Our interpreters can connect remotely with any part of the world and assist with simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, ensuring that all people at the end of the communication channel are receiving the message in the desired language.

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Why choose WOW Language Services for a professional translation in London?

Since building our company from the ground up over a decade ago, we have mastered the art of supplying translation and interpreting. All of our team members have a way of understanding client needs. We carefully select language specialists who will cater specifically to the required business domain. Our expert linguists are fully trained, qualified and experienced to handle the most demanding dialogues and presentations.

As an alternative to a face-to-face interpreting support, we offer remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) where meetings are held in a virtual environment. This, in addition to the ease of access, helps corporations achieve their target of being economical, low-energy and eco-friendly.

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If you are looking for professional interpreting services, whether on-site or online, please contact us today at WOW Language Services? One of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have about document translation, will make a note of your requirements and explain the steps of your project. We are just a click away.

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