Interpreting services

WOW Language Services supplies interpreting services across the UK and abroad. Whether you need interpreting support at a conference, business meeting, healthcare appointment or during legal proceedings, our qualified interpreters can help ensure the communication runs smoothly and your objectives are achieved.

Events and meetings we assist with interpretation

European Works Councils (EWC)
Business meetings
Trade negotiations
Legal advice appointments
Interviews in penal institutions
Court hearings
Hospital visits
Mental health consultations
Healthcare professional/GP appointments

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Remote interpretation is the term used when your meeting is held in a virtual environment and interpreters attend ‘remotely’ to provide the service. RSI is safe, secure, and eco-friendly. It allows events of any size to be streamed globally, reaching the participants in any part of the world. Integration is easy and our technical team can work with yours to ensure effortless communication.

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