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Do you need professional translation of website content, product specification, promotional materials, presentations or business communication?

WOW Language Services will be your perfect choice. We provide linguistic support for a wide range of business sectors and can produce language versions of documentation of any length and format.

Additionally, with our offer of bespoke professional translation, interpreting services, or a fast-track, cost-effective document translation, you can count on us for a professional service.

So, For a comprehensive professional translation service in London, please get in touch with WOW Language Services today.

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Rigorous Translation Process at WOWLS

  • Our linguists are professionally qualified, have years of experience in translation, and only translate into their native languages.
  • With expert knowledge in relevant subject areas, our linguistic teams supply a professional service translation for industries including medical, legal, financial, insurance, technical and construction sectors. The translators will be familiar with the target country and the local market and will use the correct vocabulary of your business sector. This is essential in order to produce an accurate translation.
  • The standard process of creating a document in another language involves translation by a native speaking professional translator and proofreading by another independent native speaker. This is then followed by a meticulous review by our project management team.
  • The workflow is aided by state-of-the-art translation software, supported by AI and perfected by human experts.

Efficient Translation Support

With business dealings increasingly taking place online, linguistic solutions for corporate, legal and financial institutions have become a key to success. Because of this, we at WOW Language Services have embraced those needs and developed comprehensive support to provide specialist translation services in all major languages.

Every project is carried out by carefully selected mother-tongue translators specialising in the required business domain. Clients benefit from our knowledge of relevant local markets and proficiency in producing accurate and convincing language versions. The ever-improving translation software paired with the expertise of our translators allows us to deliver exquisite outcomes at affordable prices.

Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Our business aims to facilitate communication between different parties in the most economical and time-saving way. We use many types of translation methods. From the comprehensive translation process involving several stages of professional linguists’ participation to a quicker and less expensive translation aided by machine translation with post-editing performed by a native professional translator and finalisation by our project management team. Machine translation helps accelerate the translation process, also significantly reducing the cost, but without compromising on quality. Furthermore, every translation created by the software is meticulously edited by a human translator and undergoes our Quality Assurance checks.

Additionally, we also offer fast-track translation which excludes the proofreading stage. This option is recommended for internal use documentation or just to get the overall meaning of a text.

The above processes allow us to offer our clients bespoke products suited to their needs. Furthermore, this is while at the same time, ensuring all produced documents are error-free, precise and read naturally in the target language.

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Professional Translation London

Why choose WOW Language Services for a professional translation in London?

Firstly, WOW Language Services is a UK based provider of professional translations and multilingual communication solutions. For more than a decade we have been the language partner of choice for major banking and financial institutions, the construction sector, and insurance and law firms.

Also, our core values lie in reliable service and client satisfaction. These are achieved through our commitment to producing high-quality documents within short time frames. Also responding to unique project requirements and being in full control of confidentiality at all times.

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So, if you are looking for a professional translation in London, please contact us here today at WOW Language Services. One of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have about document translation in London, will take a note of your requirements and explain the steps of your project. We are just a click away.

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